I'm Josh Tam

 My work involves changing how people see the world.


Sometimes I create new things. By using the subject, the camera, lighting, and computer editing, I create new images that helps people see an aspect of the world differently.

Sometimes I’m there to capture a moment in time. Perhaps its a fleeting expression in a person’s face thats used to help them communicate who they are, or helps bring our their beauty or individuality. Or perhaps that it’s that special fraction of a split second in a moment at a place in time which will never be repeated. The memories which are so important to our lives and change our lives. 

Or perhaps it’s to record and bring depth to otherwise inanimate objects. To bring alive the space and feeling work of an architect or the hundreds of hours devoted to creating a great piece of fine art and capture the artist’s vision.

My tools not only the camera, lenses and lighting, motion control tools and support, but also the intangibles, such as knowing how to capture a shot in a way that other stands out from the ordinary and offers something different.

My clients come from all around. Sometimes my work involves working with top international brands in many different industries to help them reach their audience and stand out in their field, or an important event in a individual life, or that important image of a person to help communicate who they are. 


I’m Josh Tam and I’m proud to be a photographer and videographer.



My Photography Background

My formal education started in photography class in mid High School where I was fascinated by the camera, actually my school art class teacher's Canon SLR film camera. It seemed so complicated, technical and mysterious. At the same time I discovered Adobe Photoshop, in it’s infancy. At that time, version 3.0 only had one level of undo. Before a time where there was youtube tutorials or online universities and courses, I spent countless afternoons playing and experimenting with this powerful software. Though I had not yet learned to use it to it’s full capacity, the possibilities of digital image editing fascinated me. 

My passion for the creative and artistic pathway led me to a degree in Bachelor of Visual Communication (Photography and Digital imaging) from the University of Western Sydney, Sydney’s only university level photography degree at the time. Here I was formally taught camera and lighting techniques from great teachers that would lay the foundations of a solid photography education. 

Upon graduating I assisted various photographers for a while, then found my way into Sydney’s Electric Art, one of the worlds best retouching studios. Working with some of the most amazing artists in the advertising field, and for national and international advertising agencies, working for some of the worlds biggest brands. I starting off as a retoucher and eventually becoming the in house photographer, creating images that would go around the world, in magazines, billboards and posters. 

Life took a turn for me when I moved to Hong Kong and I continued my photographic journey, developing and expanding into new challenging fields of work, such as architectural, portrait and event photography. To greater cater for increasingly bigger jobs, I am fortunate to be continually building a great support team, including some of the most dedicated crew, assistants, photographers and videographers. 

During the last few years, my interested has expanded into video. I am fascinated by the way in which the moving image, incorporating, camera movement and sound in the form of vocal, sound effect and music can give a greater dimension to images, an expansion of what's possible with still photography. 

Throughout my 22 years total experience in photography including 15 years as a full time working professional, I find that I am still very hungry to develop my skills and keep creating new imagery. 

I am currently working on a series of music videos with some very talented people and hoping to reach an even greater audience across the world with new and exciting work in a more mainstream kind of way. 

Stay tuned! 

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